Book One of a Curiously True Trilogy
A Strong Desire Meets a Stranger

Posting This Ad Changed One Woman's Life Forever

Trapped In A Fantasy
  • A true story
  • The actual, sexually-charged emails
  • Seductively captivating
  • Erotic, alluring, hot
  • You won't be able to put it down!

The Ultimate in Craigslist Stories

A true story, Trapped in a Fantasy (A Trilogy) is part memoir, part sexually-charged emails shared between two people who meet as strangers on the Internet. After their first night together, a sexual explosion for both of them, Karlee and Jack find themselves on personal expeditions, sharing intimate details of their lifelong suppressed sexual fantasies. Wrapped in an endearing friendship raw with yearning and desire, Karlee finds herself in love with her sexual soul mate, Jack, who often appears emotionally desolate and plagued with professional unrest, yet touches her sexuality to the depths of her core. Ill-equipped to offer her a desired conventional relationship, Karlee finds her heart in a seven year tug-of-war between the man who continues to ignite her sexually in every way and the abyss of her desire for requited love.

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Karlee Christopher

Meet the Author

Karlee Christopher is the founder of a life advice program dedicated to personal transformation and the psychology of success. She has worked with and inspired people from all walks of life, including CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and people in transition. An avid reader who loves bicycling and travel, Karlee currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

What readers are saying

What readers are saying